Our patterned vinyl is printed IN-HOUSE using industry-leading quality materials. This means we can literally print just about any design or pattern that you want (within copyright law restrictions) with no minimum quantities and quick turnaround!

Patterned adhesive vinyl is sold in 12x12 sheets and most of our patterned HTV is 12x12 and does not include the plastic carrier sheet/mask that you are accustomed to seeing on standard heat transfer vinyl. We send a complimentary 10x10 mask with each patterned HTV order. If you'd like to purchase additional, you can find it HERE. It is reusable several times.

Additionally, you do not mirror printed HTV if it doesn't have the carrier sheet attached.

If labeled as "FDC", those patterns are 12x15 and do include the carrier sheet. Cut, weed, and press as normal.