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Our patterned vinyl is printed IN-HOUSE using industry-leading quality materials. This means we can literally print just about any design or pattern that you want (within copyright law restrictions) with no minimum quantities and quick turnaround! PLEASE NOTE NOT ALL DESIGNS ARE READY TO SHIP AND WILL BE PRINTED WHEN ORDERED

Patterned adhesive vinyl is sold in 12x12 sheets and most of our patterned HTV is 12x12 and does not include the plastic carrier sheet/mask that you are accustomed to seeing on standard heat transfer vinyl. We send a complimentary mask with each patterned HTV order. If you'd like to purchase additional, you can find it HERE. It is reusable several times.

Additionally, you do not mirror printed HTV if it doesn't have the carrier sheet attached and we do send instructions, as well. 


  • The adhesive vinyl is the equivalent to the popular brand of Oracal 651
  • The heat transfer vinyl is printed on high quality brand-name printable HTV, so you will enjoy the same durability and longevity that you'd expect from your standard heat transfer vinyl. It can also be applied to any fabric that you'd normally use with Siser Easyweed or similar HTV
  • The adhesive vinyl is not water-sensitive/soluble, but it will fade/erase with alcohol
  • Adhesive vinyl has a 3+ year durability rating
  • Adhesive vinyl is considered "permanent" and not recommended for indoor use as it may damage surfaces upon removal
  • Adhesive vinyl does NOT include transfer tape
  • HTV has a soft matte look; Adhesive has a glossy finish
  • HTV is recommended to be applied with a heat press, but an iron can work if applying firm pressure and heat. Pressure is as important as heat!!
  • Colors will vary on all devices/computers
  • You must know how to use your cutting machine cut to cut vinyl and how to press. We cannot be responsible for damaged vinyl or apparel due to lack of knowledge or experience
  • Patterned HTV does NOT come with a clear carrier sheet AKA mask that you may be used to seeing with Siser Easyweed or comparable products. We send the mask AND instructions with your order